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Coaching Programs

Complete coaching: This is ideal for clients, families/couples or teams who would like continued support and growth (typically 6-12 months). This program is more complex and in-depth.

Intensive coaching: Think of this as a refresher or a boost for optimal performance or relationship enhancement. Typically 3-5 coaching sessions to identify strengths and challenges, develop goals and execution strategies.

Supportive Coaching: This is a short-term 2-3 session meeting to complete the necessary paperwork, assessments and briefly review the results. The results would then be sent with you and Margery would coordinate care with any current clinician or practitioner you request.

Frequently asked Questions

How do you determine the most appropriate package?

This will be decided based on reviewing and discussing your intake paperwork and the initial assessment process. We will review your needs and goals for coaching. I will work to develop your Individualized Concierge Coaching Plan (ICCP) and review that with you at a follow-up 30-45 min session. 

What is an Individualized Concierge Coaching Plan (ICCP)?

This is your unique plan to give us both a roadmap to your coaching goals. Your ICCP will be revisited and revised, if needed, during your coaching journey. If goals change, life changes occur, people are added to or removed from your team, etc. that would likely create a need to change your ICP.

What are your rates?

The initial assessment process starts at $1450. This includes a total of 3-4 face-to-face clinical hours. The intake session (75-120 minute session) as well as the follow-up session (60-90 minute session) which typically occurs 1-2 weeks later. It also includes 4 assessments at minimum. The range of cost is determined based on the number of individuals who will be participating (i.e. individual/couple/team) and length of each session.

The ongoing coaching is individualized to each client, team and situation. The cost will be based of the ICCP and your individualized needs.





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